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HFCs, CFCs, and other toxic foam solutions are steadily being phased out of the foam supply industry, but while the harmful effects of HFCs are in constant debate, one thing that can't be questioned is the eco-friendly, durable, and proven benefits of Ecomate®.

Committed to Eliminating HFC Use Worldwide: EPA SNAP Approved

Foam Supplies, Inc. is committed to environmental stewardship and protecting the Earth from harmful HFCs. Our forward-thinking team firmly believes that eliminating HFC use in the foam blowing industry, one Ecomate® solution at a time, is the best way to go about promoting sustainable, eco-friendly blowing agent technologies that help create better products that are better for the environment.

The U.S. EPA announced the phase-out of several common HFC blowing agents, including 134a and 245fa, due to their significant global warming potential. Due to the July 2015 ruling, a number of industries must stop the use of HFC blowing agents by January 1, 2017, while most others have until January 1, 2020.

Ecomate® blowing agents are the only tested and proven eco-friendly blowing agents that are approved by the EPA to replace all HFCs. If you are a manufacturer that's worried about the blowing agent phase-out of HFCs, you should consider a cost-effective switchover to a sustainable Ecomate® blowing agent. Ecomate® is a proven replacement that can increase the quality, efficiency, and eco-friendliness of your products, that won't cause any delays to your production process.

Day in and day out, Ecomate® clients in several industries produce some of the world's best products with our patented Ecomate® insulation, structural, flotation, and other eco-friendly foam solutions that don't contribute to global warming, ozone depletion, or smog production. Our customers have proven that creating environmentally-friendly, yet high-quality products is achievable - regardless of the industry our Ecomate® blowing agent technology is used in.

If you are interested in learning more about why countless companies have transitioned to environmentally-sound Ecomate® solutions, feel free to check out our list of resources or connect with us today to discuss how an Ecomate® foam blowing system could benefit you and your company.

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