Choosing Ecomate® means better products, that are better for the environment. Ecomate® is an EPA-approved, safe, and non-toxic foam blowing agent that offers an eco-friendly and adaptable foam solution to manufacturers around the world.

Worldwide Success: Ecomate® Certifications

Ecomate® has been a leader in the polyurethane foam industry for over two decades. Our dedication to providing eco-friendly, sustainable, and dependable products is what sets Ecomate® apart from other foam supply companies. Don't believe us? Check out Ecomate®'s certifications below, or connect with us today for more information.

EPA: SNAP Compliant

Since 2003, Ecomate® has been classified by the U.S. EPA as an acceptable alternative to a wide range of environmentally damaging blowing agents under its SNAP program.

FDA: GRAS Approved

Since 2009, Ecomate® has been shown to be "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) on the basis of scientific procedures by the FDA.

Factory Mutual: FM Approved

Ecomate® is Factory Mutual Approved for Class 1 systems based on Ecomate® foam blowing technology qualifications in 2006.

EPA: VOC-Exempt Status

In 2004, Ecomate® foam applications were classified as VOC-Exempt by the EPA. Ecomate® is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and doesn't contribute to Ozone pollution episodes.

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