Cold Chain

The food we buy at our local grocery store or eat at our favorite restaurant often comes from neighboring counties, other countries or faraway continents. From the field to your fork, cold chain management of perishable food items is critical for fresh, healthy and delicious food.

Cold Chain: A Better Cold Chain Means Less Food Waste

We’re proud of the fact that our insulating rigid polyurethane foam products like Ecofoam® and Ecospray® strengthen almost every link in the cold chain - not only in your neighborhood, but around the world. Powered by Ecomate® blowing agent technology, our insulating foam products play a vital role from harvest to storage, during transport, at retail, in restaurants and at home.

Cold Chain: Environmentally Responsible

Our insulating rigid polyurethane foam products begin with our patented Ecomate® liquid blowing agent technology. Ecomate® provides superior thermal efficiency and unsurpassed environmental benefits, including zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), zero global warming potential (GWP) and VOC exempt status. Ecomate® is SNAP approved and meets the most stringent industry regulations from the US EPA and other worldwide regulatory agencies who have adopted the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols for the phase out of harmful HCFC and HFC blowing agents. You’ll find Ecomate®-blown foam in refrigerated trucks and rail cars, cold storage commercial warehouses, walk-in coolers, retail reach-in coolers, and beverage vending machines.

Whether you’re looking for a standard off the shelf product like a Ecofoam® or Ecospray®, or a customized system to your specific application, Ecomate®-blown foam systems offer superior insulation properties that help protect and preserve goods, and robust strength thanks to the foam rigidity and excellent adhesion properties – all while minimizing impact to Mother Earth.

If you are thinking about transitioning to an Ecomate® rigid polyurethane foam application, but want to know to know more about the advantages that Ecomate® blowing agents have to offer, connect with our team today.

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