Cold Chain

Ecomate® is the most versatile eco-friendly blowing agent on the market - our innovative foam solutions have been the top choice of manufacturers in a wide range of industries, from home appliances to commercial refrigeration - since 1998.

Cold Chain: Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Ecomate® blowing agents deliver a high level of thermal efficiency and durability that is excellent for cold chain applications. From home appliances to insulated coolers, food service equipment, construction panels, and other products that require abrasion resistance and superb thermal conductivity, Ecomate® is the perfect solution.

Our rigid polyurethane foam systems offer many benefits, but the outstanding structural, flotation, adhesion, and insulation properties of Ecomate® make them ideal for cold chain products that require durable, safe, and adaptable solutions.

Ecomate® rigid polyurethane foam systems are the leading choice of manufacturers in a wide range of industries, from boating & marine to HVAC and international commercial refrigeration.

If you are thinking about transitioning to an Ecomate® rigid polyurethane foam application, but want to know to know more about the advantages that Ecomate® blowing agents have to offer, connect with our team today.

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