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Worldwide Success Ecomate® Certifications

  • SNAP Compliant

    Since 2003, Ecomate® has been classified by the U.S. EPA as an acceptable alternative to a wide range of environmentally damaging blowing agents under its SNAP program.

  • GRAS Approved

    Since 2009, Ecomate® has been shown to be "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) on the basis of scientific procedures by the FDA.

  • FM Approved

    Ecomate® is Factory Mutual Approved for Class 1 systems based on Ecomate® foam blowing technology qualifications in 2006.

  • VOC-Exempt Status

    In 2004, Ecomate® foam applications were classified as VOC-Exempt by the EPA. Ecomate® is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and doesn't contribute to Ozone pollution episodes.

Ecomate® Success Stories

  • Supra Boats

    Supra Boats prides itself on manufacturing high-performance, luxury watercraft that reduce harmful emissions. Supra Boats also chose a flotation foam made with Ecomate®.

  • Bock Water Heaters

    Bock was built on innovation; which is why it's fitting that Bock was the first company to insulate water heaters with an eco-friendly foam that also provides superior thermal efficiency — Ecofoam®.

  • Grizzly Coolers

    Grizzly coolers are extensively tested to make sure they hold ice in even the most extreme conditions. Consequently, the thermal efficiency of Ecomate® made it a great choice for the 'outdoor everything' cooler company.

  • Delfield

    Delfield is one of the largest stainless steel refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the world. Delfield benefits from using Ecomate®, an eco-friendly blowing agent, that helps Delfield create products that meet even the strictest energy standards.

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