Cost Effective

Switching to an Ecomate® foam system doesn't require equipment changes, alteration of production processes, or costly up-front fees. Ecomate® blowing agents offer a seamless transition that doesn't spike production or distribution costs and makes other eco-friendly solutions pale in comparison.

Practical: Out the Door Costs

Blowing agent transitions are notorious for increasing production costs, but Ecomate® technology affords manufacturers the ability to buck this trend with no increase in material, equipment, or processing costs. Converting to an Ecomate® system also doesn't require the alteration of production processes – unlike expensive and hazardous pentanes, hydrocarbons and HCFO. A primary goal at FSI is to make our clients' products better, not change them.In addition to Ecomate®'s environmental resiliency, the value proposition to our customers is deep rooted and supported by the long term raw material costs and robust integrated supply chain. When companies choose Ecomate® blowing agent technologies — no matter the industry — they can be confident that Ecomate® won't interfere with production processes, will always meet consumer demands, and is compliant with ever-changing compliance regulations due to its proven eco-friendly properties. Connect with us today to learn more.

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