How We Compare by the Numbers

Companies around the globe count on Ecomate®, day in and day out, for eco-friendly, cost-effective foam blowing solutions that far surpass the benefits of other foam blowing agents on the market.

Ecomate® Stands the Test of Time: More Than 15 Years of Proven Results

Over the years, traditional blowing agent technologies have been phased out by the EPA for failing to meet regulatory compliance standards, but Ecomate® has been going strong since 2002 when it received a worldwide patent.

Due to its versatile and ever-evolving nature, Ecomate® is one of the highest-rated international blowing agents and is trusted by a wide range of manufacturers in an array of industries, from construction to commercial refrigeration.

Unlike traditional blowing agents that contain HFCs, Ecomate® has no impact on the environment due to its eco-friendly and efficient blowing agent technology, and FSI's commitment to providing non-toxic foam solutions that don't contribute to global warming or the depleting of the ozone layer.

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