Specialty Molding

Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect Ecomate® solution for every client to maximize the efficiency - and durability - of every product manufactured with our innovative, yet reliable blowing agent technology, Ecomate®.

Sustainable: Specialty Molding Foam

Foam Supplies, Inc. takes pride in delivering adaptable, innovative blowing agents to manufacturers around the world. Our globally-patented Ecomate® blowing agent technology is a sustainable solution for manufacturers looking for a reliable, environmentally-sound, and cost-effective foam solution.

Over the years, our innovative team has worked diligently to strengthen the efficient qualities of Ecomate® and expand our line of eco-friendly blowing agents to provide sustainable, reliable foam solutions to a diverse network of international manufacturers.

Along the way, our team found that sometimes, the best blowing agent results are reached by combining Ecomate®'s proven technology with other solutions to create a specialty molding application that can be altered to fit even the most unique needs.

For more information on whether a specialty molding solution could be the right fit for your company, connect with us today to learn more about the advantages of Ecomate® blowing agent systems and why countless global manufacturers have used Ecomate® for the past two decades.

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