Ecomate® is a blowing agent that's in a league of its own. Ecomate® solutions offer high levels of comfort, while providing superior durability and abrasion resistance.

Recreation: Flexible Foam

Ecomate® flexible foam technologies are world-renowned for being attractive and comfortable, yet resilient and durable. Our patented Ecomate® blowing agents feature an open-celled structure with excellent adaptability that is perfect for recreation foam products that require maximum comfort and a flawless appearance.

Ecomate® flexible foams are used by international manufacturers in a variety of recreation applications, such as automotive seating, bedding, furniture, pillows, slabstock, and more due to Ecomate®'s thermally-efficient, safe, and eco-friendly characteristics.

Our flexible foams are GRAS-approved, 100% environmentally-sound, and have been tested to meet the most challenging product specifications, including density, weight, and performance regulations.

To learn more about what makes Ecomate® flexible foams the leading choice of recreation manufacturers around the world, contact our team today to discuss your current flexible foam application and what you can expect from an Ecomate® cost-effective switchover.

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