Ecomate® is a blowing agent that's in a league of its own. Ecomate® solutions offer high levels of comfort, while providing superior durability and abrasion resistance.

Recreation: Rigid & Flexible Foam

Our commitment to success through innovation is what defines us. It allows us to help people near and far create unforgettable memories with their family and friends. For nearly 50 years, we have been providing the recreation industry with versatile, innovative and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam systems for a wide range of recreational applications.

Whether you're hitting the road with a well-insulated cooler, spending the day on the water, or playing football with your kids, no other company can match our winning track record in the production of boats, docks, buoys, coolers, football helmets and beyond.

To learn more about what makes Ecomate®-blown foams the leading choice of recreation manufacturers around the world, contact our team today to discuss your current foam application and what you can expect from an Ecomate® cost-effective switchover.

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