Ecomate® Advantage

FSI's passion for protecting the environment and dedication to offering high-quality, thermally-efficient foam solutions is what makes Ecomate® blowing agents the leading choice of innovative manufacturers around the globe.

Outstanding Durability and Enivronmentally-Friendly: The Ecomate® Advantage

Foam Supplies, Inc. is driven by an insatiable desire to create eco-friendly, yet outstanding blowing agent technologies that are the best in the industry -- this is something that our team likes to call "the Ecomate® Advantage."

Ecomate® foam solutions have built-in environmental benefits, such as thermal-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and other qualities that help our clients manufacture high-quality, yet sustainable products, day in and day out.

Our Ecomate® foam applications appeal to such a wide range of manufacturers due to its remarkable versatility and resiliency no matter what it's used in. Making the switch to our reliable, environmentally-sound Ecomate® foam solutions ensures that your product has a leg up against other manufacturers in your industry, especially with advertising and branding.

As the world movers towards more sustainable, "green" alternatives in countless industries, Ecomate® has the excellent physical properties and eco-friendly characteristics needed to withstand the phase-out of toxic HFCs in the foam blowing industry.

Not to mention, our Ecomate® blowing agents have countless other proven benefits, such as superior thermal-efficiency, the ability to reduce production costs, and reliability -- with over two decades of experience, Foam Supplies, Inc. is a sustainable, reliable company that your company can rely on to help you meet your goals.

For more information on the remarkable environmental benefits of Ecomate® and why manufacturers all around the world use our blowing agent technologies every day to create outstanding products in a variety of industries, connect with us today.

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