Energy Efficiency

Ecomate®-blown foams are proven to be more efficient in both the manufacturing process and in regards to their insulation performance. With its versatile nature and superior insulating properties, Ecomate®-blown foams are the perfect choice for eco-friendly and thermally-efficiency insulation.

Eco-Friendly Foam Blowing Agents: Superior Thermal Performance

For companies that use polyurethane foam for insulation, Ecomate® systems are the ideal choice due to its superior thermal performance and durability. Ecomate® foam applications are used in a variety of internationally-distributed products, from soft drink dispensers and ice bins to roto-molded coolers and walk-in cooler panels.

In independent and OEM testing, Ecomate® blowing agents display thermal efficiencies that outshine harmful blowing agent technologies that contain CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs.

The outstanding moisture-locking, insulating, structural, and sound abatement benefits of Ecomate®-blown foams are boundless, while being 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. The chart below showcases the superior thermal-efficiency of Ecomate® in comparison to alternative sustainable solutions such as water-blown foam.

Thermal Efficiency — Lambda Thermal Conductivity Chart

Lambda Thermal Conductivity Chart

*When measuring thermal efficiency, the lower the thermal conductivity, the better the insulating properties.

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