While other construction blowing agents are being phased-out as the industry turns towards eco-friendly, sustainable solutions, Ecomate® has come out on top for over two decades. The ever-evolving nature of Ecomate® can withstand even the toughest compliance regulations and consumer demands.

Construction: Spray Foam

As the foam blowing industry transitions away from applications that contain toxic HFCs, Ecomate® spray foam applications offer a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution for contractors, architects, and other construction manufacturers around the world.

Our innovative Ecomate® spray foam solutions are considerably more efficient than traditional blowing agents, feature high levels of thermal conductivity, and as the only tested and proven eco-friendly spray foam application, is extremely reliable.

Whether you are a contractor looking for a spray foam application with a high level of thermal efficiency or simply want to transition to a less environmentally harmful blowing agent technology for your company's manufacturing process, Ecomate®'s construction applications are an excellent choice.

Environmentally-Friendly: Extruded Polystyrene

Energy and thermal-efficient extruded polystyrene is the perfect choice for contractors, architects, and building owners looking for an insulation method that is moisture proof, yet thermally efficient.

Our Ecomate® extruded polystyrene foam applications are lightweight, easy to use, and the closed-cell structure ensures durability. For more information on our Ecomate® extruded polystyrene solutions, connect with us today.

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