Ecomate® outperforms other blowing agent technologies year after year, and is perfect for forward-thinking companies centered on sustainability and maximum thermal-efficiency.

Appliances: Rigid Polyurethane

Appliance manufacturers around the world rely on the superior insulating properties of Ecofoam® to improve the thermal efficiency of their products. Ecofoam®, formulated with Ecomate® blowing agent technology, helps manufacturers meet energy efficiency standards and consumer demand for energy efficient appliances.

From refrigerators and freezers to beverage dispensers and food service equipment, we help companies produce better, stronger, and more energy efficient appliances – while giving products the Ecomate® Advantage of environmental sustainability.

Ecomate® blowing agent technology not only gives Ecofoam® better thermal efficiency than foams blown with HFCs, HCFCs and HCs, it does so without increasing costs. And, unlike other blowing agents, Ecomate® does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production. Ecomate® has been US EPA SNAP approved since 2003, making it the first and most proven alternative to HFC blowing agents. Connect with us today to learn more.

Superior Performance: Commercial & Residential Refrigeration Insulation

The use of Ecomate® blowing agent technology in our Ecofoam® polyurethane chemical system is a proven technology; it has been used throughout the commercial and residential refrigeration industry since 2002. Appliance industry foam systems powered by Ecomate® are optimized to meet a wide variance of applications while providing equal to or better R-value thermal efficiency than comparable 2 lb. foam systems. Ecomate® also provides increased ‘flow-ability’ when compared to HFC technology like 134a blown systems.

If you’re an appliance manufacturer looking for a convenient and proven pathway towards sustainability as a “drop-in” replacement for existing systems that use HFCs, HCs and HFCs, Connect with us today.

Custom Tailored: Foam Formulations

Looking for a customized formulation? Ecofoam® can be tailor-made to each customer’s individual specifications for density and performance.

It can be personalized to include factors like:

• Enhanced thermal efficiency

• Superior adhesion to metals and various materials

• Long-term durability

• Minimized environmental impact

Are you looking for an eco‑friendly technology?


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