Ecomate® is guaranteed as safe, reliable, and easy to use. When you choose Ecomate®, you are choosing a blowing agent that consistently meets ever-changing regulatory compliances and is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly.

Consistently: Safe Results

Ecomate®'s environmentally-sound polyurethane systems are safe and easy to use, no matter the application. Ecomate® blowing agent technologies have the same shipping and handling requirements as legacy urethane systems and are consistently tested and proven for quality. Our clients have had no trouble transitioning to Ecomate® systems, complying with safety regulations, or meeting increases in consumer demands. Additionally, Ecomate® systems meet fire resistance regulations and other safety requirements for various industry and building codes, as verified by Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, the U.S. Coast Guard, and other organizations. Still have questions about whether Ecomate® is the right eco-friendly solution for your company? Our dedicated team is always available to perform safety assessments and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Connect with us today to learn more about the safety specifications of Ecomate® and how our sustainable solutions can improve the quality and reliability of your company's products.

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