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Transportation: Integral Skin

Foam Supplies, Inc. is devoted to providing environmentally-safe Ecomate® integral skin foams that are high-quality, attractive, and outperform competing integral skin applications.

Known for its unrivaled quality, and abrasion-resistance, Ecomate® integral skin applications are used in a wide range of industries to create high-quality transportation products that are regulatory compliant and offer excellent durability.

Ecomate® integral skin solutions produce first-class products with premium "fit & finish". Inner foam densities range from pillow soft to very firm, with skinning that provides intricate decorative detail and rich, bold, vibrant color. Our integral skin applications are ideal for manufacturers looking for eco-friendly integral skin systems that are versatile and can be used in whatever application necessary, from soft inner foam densities (motor vehicle seats) to extra firm (steering wheel, motor-vehicle gear) applications. Our integral skin foam systems are also compatible with UV stabilizers and anti-bacterial additives, offering the utmost in customization.

If you are interested in finding out how Ecomate® integral skin solutions can improve the quality and efficiency of your transportation products, while being a tested and proven solution, connect with our team today.

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