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Ecomate® is adaptable, reliable, and 100% sustainable. These are just a few of the reasons why Ecomate® is the first and most proven alternative to HFC blowing agents.

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Ecomate® has been used successfully in all foam blowing applications. Ecomate® is specifically listed by the U.S. EPA as an approved blowing agent for all 11 end uses included in their SNAP program.

From steering wheels and couches to industrial packaging and construction, Ecomate® provides best-in-class foam solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and the Ecomate® story.

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Premium: Quality

Products utilizing Ecomate® technology are rigorously tested and proven to outperform competing technologies. The transition from HFCs to Ecomate® is seamless and happens without disrupting existing manufacturing processes.

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Unsurpassed: Environmentally Friendly

Conservation of our planet is important to FSI. Ecomate® is easy on the planet and approved to replace HFCs in all foam blowing end uses; US EPA SNAP program, SB 1013 legislation, the Paris Agreement.

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Outstanding: Versatility

Whether your goal is to reduce environmental impact, improve product quality, or lower costs — or some combination of all three — Ecomate® can make it happen.

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    Our Applications

    Ecomate® can improve the quality and consumer appeal of virtually any product that it’s used in, whether it’s insulating a home or padding airplane seats and steering wheels. The outstanding physical properties and valuable environmental benefits of Ecomate® foam applications can set a company’s products apart from its competitors and is beneficial to advertising, marketing, and sales efforts.

    Energy Efficient Appliances

    Appliance manufacturers around the world rely on the superior insulating properties of Ecofoam® to improve the thermal efficiency of their products. Ecofoam®, formulated with Ecomate® blowing agent technology, helps manufacturers meet energy efficiency standards and consumer demand for energy-efficient appliances.

    From refrigerators and freezers to beverage dispensers and foodservice equipment, we help companies produce better, stronger, and more energy-efficient appliances – while giving products the Ecomate® Advantage of environmental sustainability.

    Ecomate® blowing agent technology not only gives Ecofoam® better thermal efficiency than foams blown with HFCs, HCFCs and HCs, it does so without increasing costs. And, unlike other blowing agents, Ecomate® does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production. Ecomate® has been US EPA SNAP approved since 2003, making it the first and most proven alternative to HFC blowing agents. Connect with us today to learn more.

    Commercial Refrigeration Appliances

    The use of Ecomate® blowing agent technology in our Ecofoam® polyurethane chemical system is a proven technology; it has been used throughout the commercial and residential refrigeration industry since 2002. Appliance industry foam systems powered by Ecomate® are optimized to meet a wide variance of applications while providing equal to or better R-value thermal efficiency than comparable 2lb foam systems. Ecomate® also provides increased ‘flow-ability’ when compared to HFC technology like 134A blown systems.

    If you’re an appliance manufacturer looking for a convenient and proven pathway towards sustainability as a “drop-in” replacement for existing systems that use HFCs, HCs and HFCs, connect with us today.

    Increased Effectiveness Cold Chain

    The food we buy at our local grocery store or eat at our favorite restaurant often comes from neighboring counties, other countries or faraway continents. From the field to your fork, cold chain management of perishable food items – keeping food at a controlled, healthy, safe, and optimal temperature throughout its supply chain – is critical to meeting the global need for fresh, healthy and delicious food.

    We’re proud of the fact that our insulating rigid polyurethane foam products like Ecofoam® and Ecospray® strengthen almost every link in the cold chain – not only in your neighborhood, but around the world. Powered by Ecomate® blowing agent technology, our insulating foam products play a vital role from harvest to storage, during transport, at retail, in restaurants, and at home. Connect with us to learn more.

    Environmentally Responsible Cold Chain

    Our insulating rigid polyurethane foam products begin with our patented Ecomate® liquid blowing agent technology. Ecomate® provides superior thermal efficiency and unsurpassed environmental benefits, including zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), zero global warming potential (GWP) and VOC exempt status. Ecomate® is SNAP approved and meets the most stringent industry regulations from the US EPA and other worldwide regulatory agencies who have adopted the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols for the phase-out of harmful HCFC and HFC blowing agents. You’ll find Ecomate® blown foam in refrigerated trucks and rail cars, cold storage commercial warehouses, walk-in coolers, retail reach-in coolers, and beverage vending machines.

    Whether you’re looking for a standard off the shelf product like Ecofoam® or Ecospray®, or a customized system to your specific application, Ecomate®-blown foam systems offer excellent foam production properties – while minimizing impact to Mother Earth.

    Energy EfficientConstruction

    Green buildings preserve precious natural resources and improve our quality of life. Which is why our Ecomate® formulated building envelope solutions are appreciated and used around the world by environmentally conscious contractors, architects, and others involved in the design, construction, and operation of buildings.

    Ecomate® does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion, or smog production. It has been US EPA SNAP compliant since 2003, making it the first and most proven alternative to harmful HFC blowing agents. Along with superior insulation performance, best in class yields and shelf life, and economical pricing, Ecomate®-blown foam systems are unmatched in preserving our planet. Connect with us to learn more.

    Better Products. Better for the Environment.

    Made with Ecomate® liquid blowing agent technology, FSI offers a wide variety of products inherent to the construction industry. Our environmentally responsible Ecospray® polyurethane spray foam increases energy efficiency in structures without damaging the environment. Our Ecofoam® rigid polyurethane foam is used to produce thermally efficient garage and entry doors, HVAC equipment, structural insulated panels (SIPS) and more. Our industrial-strength adhesives are used in the construction of manufactured housing and door products. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board manufacturers also rely on Ecomate® blowing agent technology to increase the thermal efficiency of XPS board. Connect with us to learn how we can help with your next construction project.

    Spray Foam Insulation Construction

    Spray polyurethane foam plays an important role in the building envelope. Our Ecospray® closed-cell spray polyurethane foam harnesses Ecomate® blowing agent technology to provide the highest insulating performance in the industry. Ecospray® also assists with moisture and airflow control and enhances structural stability. Along with superior performance, compared to traditional urethanes, Ecospray® gives consumers and building owners the satisfaction of having high-performance insulation that is also environmentally responsible.

    Garage & Entry Door Insulation Construction

    We have decades of experience helping all types of exterior door manufacturers produce environmentally friendly products. For maximum thermal efficiency, our pour-in-place rigid polyurethane foam systems offer insulating properties that are unmatched by any other product or production method. And when Ecofoam™ – based on our Ecomate® blowing agent technology – is used, the resulting doors can be marketed as truly eco-friendly products, because Ecomate® doesn’t contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production. Connect with us today to open the door to manufacturing a more environmentally friendly exterior door.

    High-Performance HVAC Systems

    Our rigid polyurethane foam systems not only provide HVAC equipment manufacturers with superior thermal insulation, they also offer structural support, sound abatement, and moisture control for a wide range of products, including air handlers, ducts, rooftop units, louvers, dampers and more. Read this case study to see how we provided Trane with a solution that not only met their objectives, but also reduced their costs.

    Innovation Leaders Recreation

    Our commitment to success through innovation is what defines us. It allows us to help people near and far create unforgettable memories with their family and friends. For nearly 50 years, we have been providing the recreation industry with versatile, innovative and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam systems for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re hitting the road with a well-insulated cooler, spending the day on the water, or playing football with your kids, no other company can match our winning track record in the production of boats, docks, buoys, coolers, football helmets and beyond.

    It’s What Floats Your Boat Recreation

    We focus on design and the development of marine technologies that are consistently more reliable, versatile, and environmentally friendly than before. We’re proud to say that we are the only polyurethane manufacturer to offer the boating industry a proven environmentally friendly option with our Ecomarine™ flotation foam. Because it’s made with Ecomate® technology, Ecomarine™ does not contribute to global warming, ozone depletion or smog production – and it is not a marine pollutant. Ecomarine™ also complies with US Coast Guard requirements under Title 33 CFR.

    We have served the boating industry in many ways for almost 50 years. From supplying Ecomate® blown foam to the U.S. Navy to insulate refrigeration units on aircraft carriers to the DIY-er looking for a little extra buoyancy in their boat, we are always available with expert advice and support. With no ingredients or agents that harm waterways or the environment, we also offer you peace of mind knowing you’re making an environmentally conscious choice that helps protect the environment.

    Foam Systems for Rotational Molding Recreation

    We have a long history serving the needs of manufacturers who produce their products through the rotational molding process. Powered by Ecomate®, our Ecofoam™ rigid polyurethane foam systems are used by this industry to meet the unique needs of each product. From football helmets and Frisbees to canoes and kayaks, Ecofoam™ can be used to fill unusual and complex voids – plus it offers excellent adhesion to plastic surfaces. Other benefits include superior insulation properties, consistent density distribution, excellent flowability, and wide processing latitudes.

    Ecomate®, with zero global warming potential (GWP), has been US EPA SNAP approved since 2003, making it the first and most proven alternative to HFC blowing agents. Which may explain why Rota Molders across the country rely on us for their custom polyurethane foam solutions.

    Custom Formulas Specialty Molding

    Looking for a specialty molding formulation? Ecofoam® can be tailor-made to each customer’s individual specifications for density and performance. It can be personalized to include factors like:

    Specialty Polyurethanes Transportation

    We supply Tier 1, 2 and 3 automotive parts manufacturers with superior flexible and integral skin foam systems that meet or exceed both industry and environmental standards. Powered by Ecomate® blowing agent technology, our Ecoflex™ integral skin foam produces first-class products with a premium fit and finish. Ecoflex® integral skin foams are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also compatible with UV stabilizers and anti-bacterial additives, offering the utmost in customization. Ecoflex® systems can be MDI or TDI based.

    Integral skin foams made with Ecomate® have excellent physical properties, including tear and abrasion resistance, significantly reduced densities, and unmatched shelf life. Inner foam densities can range from pillow soft to very firm, with skinning that provides intricate, decorative detail, and rich, vibrant color.

    Meets CAFÉ Standards Transportation

    With densities as low as 2.5 pcf – the lowest in the industry – Ecoflex® makes it easier for manufacturers to meet increasingly rigorous CAFE standards, while also meeting the tip-top demands of the auto industry. Ecoflex® systems provide excellent physical properties and meet or exceed ASTM 3574 testing standards, as well as FMVSS302 and CAL 117 flammability requirements. Connect with our experts to learn more.

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    Worldwide Success Ecomate® Certifications

    • SNAP Compliant

      Since 2003, Ecomate® has been classified by the U.S. EPA as an acceptable alternative to a wide range of environmentally damaging blowing agents under its SNAP program.

    • GRAS Approved

      Since 2009, Ecomate® has been shown to be "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) on the basis of scientific procedures by the FDA.

    • FM Approved

      Ecomate® is Factory Mutual Approved for Class 1 systems based on Ecomate® foam blowing technology qualifications in 2006.

    • VOC-Exempt Status

      In 2004, Ecomate® foam applications were classified as VOC-Exempt by the EPA. Ecomate® is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and doesn't contribute to Ozone pollution episodes.

    Ecomate® Success Stories

    • Supra Boats

      Supra Boats prides itself on manufacturing high-performance, luxury watercraft that reduce harmful emissions. Supra Boats also chose a flotation foam made with Ecomate®.

    • Delfield

      Delfield is one of the largest stainless steel refrigeration equipment manufacturers in the world. Delfield benefits from using Ecomate®, an eco-friendly blowing agent, that helps Delfield create products that meet even the strictest energy standards.

    • Grizzly Coolers

      Grizzly coolers are extensively tested to make sure they hold ice in even the most extreme conditions. Consequently, the thermal efficiency of Ecomate® made it a great choice for the 'outdoor everything' cooler company.

    • Bock Water Heaters

      Bock was built on innovation; which is why it's fitting that Bock was the first company to insulate water heaters with an eco-friendly foam that also provides superior thermal efficiency — Ecofoam®.