Environmentally Friendly

With no global warming potential (GWP) and no ozone-depleting potential (ODP) Ecomate® sets the industry benchmark of environmental compliance and responsibility. Learn more →

100% Safe & Sustainable: Eco-Friendly Foam Solutions

Because Ecomate® provides an opportunity for manufacturers to make sustainable products and maintain environmental stewardship status, it’s no surprise that it is the responsible choice used around the world in an array of diverse industries and markets. Thanks to its eco-friendly properties, Ecomate® does not contribute to the harmful environmental effects that other blowing agents are linked to.

Ecomate® blowing agents have been approved by the U.S. EPA since 2003 to replace harmful HFCs and HCFCs in the foam blowing industry under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program. Ecomate® is a versatile foam application that is always evolving - currently, FSI offers the following Ecomate® blowing agent systems: Ecofoam®, Ecoflex®, Ecospray®, Ecostar®, and Ecomarine®.

Whether you use a Foam Supplies, Inc. Ecomate® blowing agent or use our Ecomate® blowing agent to blend your own system, Ecomate® technology provides outstanding excellent insulation value and other important physical properties for a far-reaching range of sustainable products.

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