Ecomate® Timeline

The rapid innovation of Ecomate® spans over two decades. Ecomate® has been a core element in countless revolutionary products, from Presidential ships to spa beds, Ecomate® is everywhere. Travel through the years with us!


Next Generation Blowing Agent Technology

Foam Supplies, Inc. begins the search for a next-generation blowing agent to reduce the impact that HCFCs have on the environment. Ecomate® blowing agent technology is 100% safe for the environment.


Underwriters Laboratory Approved

Ecomate® system successfully passes initial Class 1 testing (UL E84), certifying that Ecomate® is suitable for high performance fire rating.


Ecomate Worldwide Patent

The original Ecomate® worldwide patent application was filed and approved, with additional patents granted for International distribution of Ecomate® in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and counting.


Transition to Ecomate® - Seamlessly Converts In Short Order.

Less than ten years from initial launch, FSI was able to convert the lions share of our customers to Ecomate® blowing agent systems, proving that conversion was easy and non-disruptive. 95% of our customers were converted in less than 2 years from commercial launch.


Certified Alternative for Harmful HCFC Blowing Agents

Ecomate® gets listed as SNAP compliant blowing agent alternative by the US EPA. Soon thereafter, we received VOC-Exempt status in record time.


International Partnerships

Ecomate®’s international presence expands with Ecomate technology. Partnerships formed in Australia, Brazil and the UK. Shortly after, partnerships also formed in Asia Pacific countries such as China, India, Middle Eastern and African regions, South Africa, and South Korea.


The Highest Standards for Safety and Property Loss Prevention

Foam Supplies, Inc's Discontinuous Panel Producer achieves Factory Mutual (FM) Approval using the Ecostar™ Class 1 system.


United States Coast Guard Approved Marine Flotation System

Ecomarine™ meets stringent U.S. Coast Guard criteria for use in life rings.


Energy Star Certified

FSI customer exceeds Energy Star efficiency standards by 23.7% by utilizing Ecofoam® in the manufacturing of their product.


Energy Star Certified

Ecomarine®, powered by Ecomate® technology, receives the Environmental Innovation Award at the IBEX Trade Show for displaying innovative and impactful achievements in the foam supply industry.


Awarded Safety Approval by the FDA

Ecomate® achieved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approval from the FDA, signifying that it's safe for manufacturers to use in the development of products.


The Elimination of Harmful HCFCs

85% of all FSI customers have successfully converted to Ecomate® technology. Significant McDonald’s supplier converts all foaming locations to use Ecofoam®, which is based on Ecomate® technology.


Sub-Headquarters Established in India

Direct global reach established. FSI owned and operated location opens in New Delhi, India, proving our commitment to making an impact on a global scale.


Additional Global Partnerships

International partnerships added in Turkey, Phillippines, and other locations around the globe.


Technology Evolution

FSI expands Ecomate® technology to the flexible and CASE industries.


ACR Approves Carbon Offset Methodology

The American Carbon Offset Registry (ACR), approves methodology to reduce emissions and monitor the transition to advanced formulation blowing agents in foam manufacturing.


Climate Leadership Gains Traction

California legislature passes SB 1013, the California Cooling Act, to help cut the state’s harmful emissions of the climate-changing super pollutants called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).


Kigali Amendment

As a Montreal Protocol certified product, Ecomate® supports the Kigali Amendment, which aims to reduce the consumption of hydrofluorocarbons by more than 80% by 2047. This reduction could prevent a 0.5 °C increase in global temperature and reduce the effects of HFCs on the climate and the ozone layer.


HFC Phase-Out Begins

Mandated by the EPA, all class 1 or 2 controlled substances are required to be HCFC-free, which has a high ozone depletion potential, by 2020 — Ecomate® is 100% safe for the environment, thermally-efficient, and sustainable, securing its place as a Class 1 Approved blowing agent technology.

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